What the City is Doing

What the City is Doing - Before, during and after rain

The City of Santa Clarita takes specific steps to prepare and respond to heavy rains. The following is a brief overview of what City staff does in order to reduce risks to our residents and infrastructure.

Before the rain

Read the City’s Inclement Weather Preparedness Plan for a full detailed explanation of the City’s inclement and emergency weather procedures, along with a list of proactive preparation methods to help reduce potential impacts to the community during wet season.

desertStreets: The City clears debris from streets to prepare for stormy weather conditions. In addition, flood signs are installed to help warn residents of flood prone areas.

Storm Drains: City-owned storm drains are cleaned four times per year and are monitored during a storm event. Parkway drains are also cleaned and channels are maintained prior to and during the rainy season. City officials use retention basin/water quality devices that are maintained annually and are inspected regularly to ensure they are functioning properly.

Parks: City officials inspect all of the parks and park facilities for potential problems that could arise during heavy rain. The City checks that surface drainage pipes are clear, grates are not clogged or covered, and that debris or material stockpiles are removed from any drainage courses that run through parks, etc.

Open Space/Trails: City officials identify spots where damage might occur to trails under heavy rain so that they can be inspected before big storms and be ready to address problems after the storm.

Trees: The City conducts maintenance pruning to keep the tree canopies in their best condition. In addition, the City identifies problematic trees and either prunes them to mitigate a concern or remove them if necessary. Equipment is frequently inspected to ensure it operates properly and is in good condition.

City Vehicles: City officials inspect windshield wipers and emergency lighting on all City vehicles to ensure they are operational.

Facilities (City Hall, Libraries, Metrolink Stations, etc.): The City inspects City facility roof tops and cleans debris that may obstruct water flow in rain gutters. Drains and channels are also inspected to ensure they are functioning properly.

Construction Sites: 48 hours prior to forecasted rain, City officials conduct inspections at construction sites to confirm that the area is secured for heavy rain. This ensures all properties in construction have been prepped to prevent mud and debris from flowing on to the street or in nearby areas.

During the rain

ditchStreets: During inclement weather, the City works to clear debris from streets continuously throughout the day. Traffic control devices are also installed when needed to assist with emergency evacuations (e.g. signs for detours, evacuations, etc.) For residents in the Calgrove Fire and Sand Fire Burn Area, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will issue evacuation orders and notify residents once evacuations have been ordered.

Residents of the City of Santa Clarita and those in neighboring communities can subscribe to receive emergency notifications via email or text message by filling out an online form or by texting SCEMERGENCY to 888777.

To learn about other important emergency alerts to sign up for, visit the “Receive Emergency Alerts” page.

After therain

cementMudslides, storm drain and erosion problems on public property: City officials are available for inspection of road, landscape or storm drain concerns in the public right of way caused by heavy rains. Please refer to the  Rain Emergency Contact List below for information on who to contact for your specific concern. If you are unsure of which division to call, contact the City of Santa Clarita Public Works at (661) 294-2520.

Mudslides and erosion problems on private property: If your private property is adjacent to a landslide, you may request to have a City official conduct a preliminary safety inspection to determine if your property and building are safe to occupy. For assistance, please contact the Engineering Permit Hotline at (661) 286-4060.

Licensed Soil and Civic Engineers: The City can also provide references for licensed soil engineers and civil engineers who can determine the stability of a privately owned slope and recommend repairs. For the contact information, please refer to the Civil and Geo-technical Engineers List on the City’s Engineering Services site. For general questions about concerns with your private property, contact the Engineering Permit Hotline at (661) 286-4060.

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